Company Vision

Our mission is to restore lives with the help of CBD as a natural and pure remedy. Earth Florida is committed to making CBD accessible for those that need it most. We're at the forefront of unlocking the potential of cannabidiol and its benefits.

With a product line that offers liquids, edibles, concentrates, and even CBD water along with pet-friendly products, we have it all. What makes our cannabidiol products different?

  1. They are scientifically formulated by a licensed pharmacist
  2. Cultivated from European Certified Organic Hemp
  3. No THC -- Legal in all 50 States
  4. Third party lab tested for potency and quality

If you're on the fence about trying our products, just read the testimonials on our homepage to see what people are saying about us. We're proud to be part of the CBD revolution and will continue to raise awareness about the benefits of this amazing natural compound.