Vertex 350mAH Battery Charger Kit

Earth Florida

Battery capacity: 350mAh
Battery core: HGB Battery
510 threading type
Diameter: 11.2mm; length:82mm
Charge voltage: 4.2V
Five click on/off
Preheating time: 15s/60s
Protection: short circuit/ overcharge/overtime
Button led light indication: 3.7V green, 3.9V blue, 4.1V red light, Preheating Mix light

How to use?
Button in the bottom of battery and controlled by finger touch
Five touch for power on/off
Three touch adjust the battery voltage
Four touch preheating the oil
Preaheating function especially for the thick cbd oil
Keep finger on tip to see battery level
Smallest voltage preheat touch battery

Package includes:
1x CBD 350mAh Battery Charger Kit

Collections: CBD Vape

Type: CBD Vape

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